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Andréa Fernandez Indulsky a ouvert sa première entreprise en 2003, lorsqu’elle était encore étudiante.

From 2005 to 2009 she worked doing iridology consultations as a private consultant in health food shops and para pharmacies. This work allowed her to learn ALL about running a natural health food shop as her good work end up by paying and she finished managing the health food shop for 3 years.

As she finished her studies in 2006, she started working at a holistic health centre where she was mentored by THE most notorious Naturopathic Dr in her region. Three years hand by hand learning bioresonance, thermography, blood analyses, herbal extract and food supplements manufacturing, practicing saliva and urine analyses utilizing Vincent’s therapy, laser therapy for diabetics, reflex therapy for thyroid diagnosis amongst other techniques. Working in this holistic medicine center, Andréa learnt how to run a natural medicine clinic from A to Z:  medical secretarial skills, food supplements ordering, budget consideration, basic budget skills, patient call up, appointment making, appointment reminders, amongst other tasks.

Between 2008 and 2010, she did a post graduate degree in Iridology, with international iridologist authority Tony Miller. This course added an enormous value to her work as Andréa added this knowledge to the animal consultations. During the post grad, enterprise skills were also taught as Dr Miller managed her own health food shop in Sydney for 30 years.

In 2008, being in contact with the thoroughbred industry and having being brought up amongst horses during her childhood, she decided to learn animal iridology in the United States. Following her studies, she opened her second company in animal iridology and proposed her services to the most popular breeders in the country, making horses win many races. In 2009, she enlarged her work to the polo industry. Andréa then continued treating horses  enlarging to treating cats and dogs until her depart of Australia in 2014. All this years working with horses, made her very well understand the animal industry and of all its ins and outs. She learnt how to market herself amongst people of the high society as it is the thoroughbred and polo industry.

In 2009, she pursued a master in sclerology with international serologist authority, Dr Jack Tips. The understanding of the white of the eye allowed her to  improve her sessions with the animals as well as with humans

In 2009, she opened her own naturopathic and micro nutritionist clinic. She utilized the techniques learn at the natural health center, to treat her own patients. All the years managing orders budgetin both for the health shop and the natural health centre, paid off and she knew from the very beginning how to efficiently run her company.

Andrea opened In the centre her first cabinet and soon other 4 locations were opened in south Australia. While opening and managing different centre, Andréa started preparing to getting accepted in a PhD  studying epigenetics. In order to getting accepted, she prepared a clinical study utilizing herbal extract for the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Her excelling at this project, opened her the doors at the Faculty of medicine to start her Doctoral thesis in epidemics. Whilst working at university and alternating between all her offices in south Australia, Andréa decided to study dry and live blood analyses in 2011. By 2012, her health issues diagnosed by the very same blood analyses did not allow her to finish her PhD studies and with the revenues earnt with all her enterprise, she bought her first chalet in the Italian Hautes Alpes. No mortgage needed for this property.


She took a sabbatical year in 2013 to recuperate her health (leukemia, firbromyalgia and lyme) whilst being invited to participate at the consultation of the most well-known Italian Dr- Dr Citro. Soon after recovery in 2014 Andréa opened 3 offices; 2 in Italy and 1 in France. The number of cabinets in France increased to 3 till 2019, year of confinement.

In 2019, wanting to honor her dream of becoming a teacher, she met Leandro Lozahic on the social media. She learn with him the ins and outs of becoming an teaching institution, claiming  the NDA, later DATADOCK.

Late in 2019, she learn about French fiscality and how to run a French company with Eric Laret. The same year, and always with Leandro Lozahic, she did a social media marketing course. This course and all her experience in France, in Italy and in Australia with the opening of all her companies, gave her the confidence to start teaching all the years  of experience.

In 2020, she learnt with how to run an educational institution, the documents to keep, to send, etc. This information was priceless for her organisme de formation. Again in 2021, she followed with the same organisme de formation, another course about becoming an organisme certificateur RS and RNCP. The bases of un organisme de formation were viewed again in 2022, always with PERSEVERE.FR which help Andréa stay up to date with the pre requisites and requisites of un organisme de formation.


In 2021, she followed a course about marketing and selling over the phone, learning how to better understand the hidden messages behind what the buyer’s really wants to say. This course was fundamental to learn to guide the student who wants to create a company, the psychology behind what he says, helping today to go straight to the point during the telephone interview with the future student/candidate.


In 2022, she did un update with to keep up to date with the duties about running un organisme de formation.

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