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Histamine intolerance becomes more and more frequent amongst patients.

Nevertheless, reliable bibliographic sources are scarce in languages other than English. Even if we find reliable sources, the real and profound cause is never explicitly explained.


Despite the fact that histamine intolerance has rarely touched my clinic in 19 years of clinical practice having worked in several countries around the world, the current and latest clinical visits made me think that histamine could be the reason behind several of my patient’s symptoms.


The current intestinal issues such as SIBO, SIFO, chronic undiagnosed hence untreated worms and parasites infestations, create, in my opinion, a great part of the current histamine intolerance crises. Let’s add to this situation the industrialization of food with un-natural components and/or natural component added at a very high level (sulfites in wine par example) that difficult their degradation by our body.


I’d like to remind readers that when we speak of histamine, we’re talking about a substance naturally produced by the body. The fact of becoming “intolerant” to a naturally-produced substance is, for me, ridiculously un-natural. I hope you can see the issue from my point of view as all along these pages I’ll be speaking from this point of view.


We’ve never been so intolerant to gluten before either before the industrialization of agricultural practices and the hybridization of seeds. So here again, gluten is not the real issue as are the agricultural practices, seeds, ground treatments, pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, etc used to “cultivate” our “food”.


In the following pages I’ll be guiding you towards a real yet profound understanding of histamine intolerance and mastocyte activation as well as the solutions in functional biology.

May my writing illuminate your path and quest towards long-term health.

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